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The 鶹 and all of its campuses are equal opportunity employers.

Together We Grow (TWG), in partnership with Colorado State University, is hiring an Executive Director for TWG to take the organization’s newly created strategic plan, launch it to members, and implement it in support of the organization’s purpose and to accelerate impact.

TWG is committed to the following:

  • Serve as a vehicle for consistent engagement of food and agribusiness partners in pursuit of enhancing the workforce in ways identified by the TWG consortium.
  • Identify and implement programs, provide active support for scaling successful activities, and assess outcomes of new TWG workforce initiatives using rigorous and systematic approaches.
  • Collect information and communicate best practices related to the current and future workforce for the agribusiness and food industry.
  • Create a convening space for collaboration, conversations, and initiatives focused on a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Engage a board from TWG partners to provide shared leadership, vision, implementation, and regular assessment of TWG’s impacts.
  • Create partnerships and a presence at CSU Spur’s campus as the host organization for TWG.


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